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Best Gym for Serious Runners


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This Way Up: Foot injury leads a runner to a shoe fitting

The barefoot running craze has led some to question the value of shoes. Clark believes in them. They are indisputable performance enhancers ("the more force you apply to the ground, the more your feet require protection," he says). On the other hand, shoes can hurt your feet, he concedes, if they're "dead" (old and unresilient) or ill-fitting.

Philadelphia Magazine

If Running Sucks, You’re Doing It Wrong

Phil Clark is a serious runner. He’s been doing it for 25 years, through high school, college and now as a professional athlete. A Philly native, Clark ran cross country and track at St. James high school in Chester, where he was part of a nationally ranked team. He went on to Yale where he specialized in jumping events—long jump, triple jump, hurdles—and after college joined a team of elite track-and-field athletes.

KYW News 3

Expert: Foot Pain From Running Usually Comes From Wearing The Wrong Shoe Size

Phil Clark, a Yale graduate, is training for the Olympics and has trained as an athlete at the international level. He’s been studying feet and the way people run for years. Clark will have a runner jog on a treadmill, videotape it, then study it. He says many pain problems stem from people wearing the wrong size shoe.


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