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Phil works with attorneys as an expert witness in cases and as a consultant. His confidence, demeanor, education, and prominence in the community makes him ideal for many cases.

Professional Services



Expert Witness and Consultant

On-Air Personality

Phil continues to make multiple appearances on-air as a local fitness guru. He has hosted his own segments, as well as produced recurring segments for local national affiliates.

Graduate Level Instructor

A Yale University alumnus, Phil has instructed graduate students studying comprehensive care and treatment of the lower extremities of the body, and those studying business. His work as a world-class athlete, professional coach and trainer of professional athletes, and with those in rehabilitation gives him unique knowledge and insight.

Motivational Speaker

Phil was motivated as a child. His upbringing by his single mother, his commitment to academics that got him admitted to Yale University, and his pursuit of being the best athlete, trainer and business owner he can be, all make Phil the ideal motivational speaker. After being invited by Dan Pfaff, a "super coach," to train with a team of premier athletes, Phil learned the difference between being "good" and being "great." He brings this drive to be great, his passion and his unmatched energy to his work every day and to each of his speaking engagements.

On Phil's Motivational Speaking:


"Brilliant, Inspirational, and Engaging. Phil Clark captivated an audience of social workers with his keen knowledge of health and fitness. He challenged all of us to have our best relationship with ourselves and our physicians. He left us with the notion that it is possible to live in and on purpose.


As a friend, mentor and advocate, Mr Clark has remain on the cutting edge of the fitness industry as a charismatic innovative business man with impeccable integrity and insight into various business arenas. His contribution to child welfare Kinship care professionals has been immeasurable..."

     -Brace Lowe, A Second Chance Kinship 

On Phil's Expert Witness Testimony:


"I represented a client who suffered a debilitating condition called rhabdomyolysis after undergoing just one egregiously rigorous personal training session. The gym refused to accept responsibility, so we needed a personal training expert to prove the trainer’s reckless conduct. Cue Phil Clark. Phil authored an impactful report detailing the industry standards as well as the trainer’s failures. His report became the backbone of our case and led to a favorable award for our client. Phil worked diligently and provided candid insight throughout the case. I would highly recommend Phil Clark to any lawyer facing similar issues."
- Patrick D. MacAvoy, Esq., Marciano & MacAvoy, P.C.

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